Consulting/Coaching with

Michelle Jones


  • 20-Minute Consultation/Coaching

    20-minute consultations are for discussion of

    • specific health challenges/issues/ difficulties you need help with
    • recommendation of supplements/herbs/ testing
  • 1-Hour Consultation/Coaching

    1-hour consultations are for

    • specific health challenges/issues/ difficulties you need help with 
    • recommendation of supplements/herbs/ testing
    • iris analysis, to address source of health challenges
    • discussion of a specially tailored program to suit your individual needs.
  • 6-week Program

    • Comprised of a full one hour initial consultation to conduct an iris analysis.
    • Followed by 6 x 20 minute follow-up appointments online
      • to discuss a personalised plan,
      • to schedule/organise/discuss recommended tests
      • discuss test results and corresponding changes/additions to program based on results
      • iris analysis, to address source of health challenges. 
      • continuous feedback and hand-holding with your program to make it easier to successfully complete your health goals
      • discuss/address health challenges through-out the program
      • create changes to the plan if it becomes too challenging for you.
    • A second set of tests are conducted in the end to create a comparative analysis of how you were when you first started.


    When I was referred to Michelle Jones, I was suffering from chronic bowel disorder and already been from doctor to doctor, both in Sri Lanka and overseas, and none of them were able to give me a clear diagnosis of my situation.  And even when a vague diagnosis was given, there was no specific treatment that was prescribed other than strong chemical drugs which caused further distress to my bowel.


    I am thankful to Michelle that after her very clear diagnosis and prescription of natural treatment, that I am greatly relieved and well on my way to recovery and furthermore 5 kgs lighter and looking much younger and completely detoxed and feeling healthy.

    Philip Weeraratne

    Entrepreneur, Architect

    Colombo, Sri Lanka

    I'm so happy I discovered Michelle Jones. 


    It's amazing how she can study your eyes and know what is going on in your body.


    She has helped me and my children a lot. 


    She is very careful and she patiently answers all our questions, even during weekends!!


    I have recommended Michelle to my friends, who all have had good experiences with her, as well.

    Lisa Plag - Linthorst


    Amsterdam, Netherlands

    “After my program with Michelle, I am fit and feeling healthy.  Michelle keeps me on track and never lets me fail.  I eat better and actually drink more water than i ever used to.”  


    Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea

    “After my program with Michelle Jones, I can see my dream body, and I'm very happy. I didn't think it was possible for me to get this.  I can guarantee this program really works.  Thanks Michelle.”


    Colombo, Sri Lanka

    “After my program with Michelle Jones, I had to buy a whole set of wardrobe, because none of them fit. After 10 years of being overweight I have my body back. Thank you po.”


    Canberra, Australia




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