Michelle Jones is a health and wellness coach, longevity expert, an international speaker and lecturer. In 2002, she was diagnosed with Crohn's disease, an inflammatory disorder affecting the digestive tract. Because she only noticed her gut pains during her pregnancy, it took months of testing before she was eventually diagnosed and prescribed steroids. Like any mother, Michelle wanted to give her daughter only the best she could offer and opted to not go on steroids. Instead, she looked for other treatment options for her Crohn's. 


Michelle searched books, journals; she saw naturopaths, herbalists, and integrated medicine doctors, to find a non-steroid approach to treating her Crohn's. During this time, she went on herbs and supplements; did elimination diets - eliminating foods that have been identified to be difficult for her body to digest properly, and she went on a 12-week liquid diet - called an elemental diet. All these led her to be advised by her doctor about eight months later, that her Crohn's had gone on remission. He went on to acknowledge that he had read about the elimination diet, she went through, but that he didn't recommend that path because of the very low success rate with other patients (because of non-compliance on their part).  


Michelle's health crisis and eventual healing journey that followed opened her eyes to the beauty of natural remedies and the amazing ability of the body to rebuild itself.  It also inspired her to help others, like herself, find a non-medical solution to their illness. "I realized that my experience had opened my eyes to the fact that treatment options presented to us by our doctor, isn't the only option.  Because we have a brilliant body that knows how to heal itself, we simply need to provide it with the tools it needs to get the job done.  And that is what I decided back then I would do for others.  I would help them find the best way to equip their body to rebuild itself."  


Since then, Michelle has studied and gotten certified on various modalities.  Today she is a Naturopath, a Certified and Integrated Iridologist and Iridology Instructor, a Functional Nutritionist, a Western Herbalist, and an Anti-Aging Practitioner.  Because of all her studies, she has helped thousands through her practice and coaching programs.  Michelle helps equip her patients and clients with the tools needed to rebuild their health naturally and holistically.  She also has helped those who want to go further and educate themselves to help others, get certified.


Michelle Jones is a leading authority in health and longevity, with 12 years of experience, helping people just like you achieve optimal health. She has helped people from more than 25 countries transform their health and lives through her proven step-by-step treatment programs, from suffering from inflammatory disorders, diabetes, hypertension, and those suffering from stress and anxiety.  


  • 12 Years of Clinical Practice in 4 Countries

    Michelle Jones has had the privilege of working in Seoul, South Korea, Colombo, Sri Lanka, Canberra, Australia, and Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea.  She has lectured, spoken, and conducted coaching sessions in the US, Canada, Macau, Hongkong, India, Malaysia, and South Africa.  Her experience has given her the unique opportunity, to help people with varying health issues and illnesses, with different dietary requirements, from different religious and cultural backgrounds, making her the best choice for you, no matter where you are from or the health challenges you face.

  • Helping People Around the World

    Michelle has helped change the lives of more than tens of thousands of people from 25 countries worldwide through her coaching, consultations, lectures, courses, and workshops. Her passion is health and wellness and her drive to help empower people and provide them with the tools they need to achieve vitality and optimal health is felt by her clients, with the overwhelming majority of whom have been referred by existing patients and clients.

  • Results Orientated Approach

    What separates Michelle Jones from others is the effectiveness and simplicity of the programs she provides to her patients.  Her clients'/patients' measurable results, like increased metabolism, decreased metabolic age, increased energy levels, balanced mineral levels, are what they rave about in their circles.  Check out some of the testimonials across this website.


Amabel Suva-Go


Michelle Jones opened my eyes to alternative treatment.  She made me understand what natural therapy is and how I should learn to listen to my body to allow it to achieve optimal health.  She put me on track with my health and encouraged me to learn more about wholistic health.  I recommend spending your time with Michelle. Thank you, Michelle, and all the best for your career! Cheers!

Roshni Demel

Colombo, Sri Lanka

Dear Michelle, The above results are documentary evidence that the personalized program created by you and your guidance at every step, that I am on the correct path to reach my goal of optimal health and total wellness. I appreciate all that you have done for me in these few weeks. Now my aim in life is to take part once again in Masters Athletics and win a gold in the 100 meters, in your honour. Thanking you well.

Jithendra Joachim

United Kingdom

I was totally amazed when Michelle Jones looked into my eyes and told me what I was struggling with, in my health, before I even told her about it.


She put me in a treatment program with herbs, supplements, and dietary guidelines.  It was so life changing and I truly believe everyone should do it too. 

Thank you Michelle.


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